K-9 How?

Specially trained bedbug dogs can detect a very small number of bugs and help to prevent a small problem from turning into a full blown infestation.


Several methods exist for locating bedbugs, however, utilizing certified bedbug dogs are by far the quickest and most thorough option.  The fact is, NESDCA certified bedbug sniffing dogs are reliable and precise, which can help you not only determine if bedbugs are present, but also determine where they are located.  To learn more about out bedbug dog services, contact Commonwealth K-9, LLC at 502-507-4598 or 502-827-0720.


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Bed bugs are notoriously hard to eliminate and repeated treatments due to treatment failure or overlooked nesting locations can be a pain.  So, if you’re looking for thorough and effective detection… especially in large commercial spaces…bedbug dogs may be just the solution you need for successful eradication.


Commonwealth K-9, LLC offers expert services with professionally trained bedbug dogs and handlers.




Your extermination provider will know where to focus their treatment efforts, increasing the likelihood of successful extermination the first time around.  Together with our certified bedbug dogs, an exterminator can make short work of any potential bedbug problem you have.  Even better…our dogs might find that you are not dealing with bedbugs at all.  While it may mean there are other pests to be concerned with, anything is better than bedbugs!